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BERMAD’s Integrated Irrigation Management Solutions

  BERMAD designs, develops and manufactures advanced water flow management solutions including hydraulic control valves, air valves and metering solutions. Founded in 1965, our almost six decades of experience in the Irrigation field have given our company extensive experience and expertise in serving the market needs. As a pioneer and innovator, we’ve established a strong reputation as a worldwide provider of reliable and efficient solutions that deliver unmatched efficiency, excellent quality, and proven performance. Our vision is to provide integrated irrigation management solutions. To this end, we continuously develop our team capabilities to acquire the deepest practical knowledge. We strive to be a “one-stop shop” for our customers by designing, manufacturing and providing support for the widest range of innovative water flow management products which are integrated into efficient and cost-effective solutions for the full range of agricultural irrigation needs. BERMADIZE your wa
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Tecnografting Grafting Clips from Paskal

Paskal group is a manufacturer and seller of accessories for protected horticulture that provides solutions and supports growers throughout the entire life cycle of the plant, starting from the seed growing stage, through the grafting of the plants’ process in the nurseries till the growing process in greenhouses. This year, Paskal acquired Tecnografting to strengthen its position in the nursery sector as part of its continued growth strategy. Tecnografting SRL is a private company located in the city of Ancona in Italy that specializes in the production and marketing of quality grafting clips for the nursery sector. The company’s products are sold all over the world and are a well-known brand. Tecnografting grafting clips are made from high-quality raw materials such as medical-free silicon that is known for its biocompatibility, elasticity, and softness. These important features that silicon material offers, contribute to better support and adaptation to the different grafted plant d

New solenoid manifold by Tefen – reducing assembly time by more than 70%

  Until now, manifolds were assembled using tubes & fittings which is a labor & time consuming process. Moreover, the preparation for assembly required additional preparations such as tube cutting to a specific length, disassembly of connector nuts, assembling the connectors & aligning the system. In some cases, even an entire disassembly of the manifold was necessary in order to adjust spacing & alignment. Therefore, Tefen took this challenge to design a solution that will make the process fast, easy, and more efficient.   Tefen Solution Tefen’s new solenoid manifold requires minimum preparation; no need for tube cutting, spacing can be adjusted and it utilizes less parts in comparison to the old system. As a result, Tefen’s new solution reduces labor time and cost, does not require preparation and therefore, reduces assembly time by more than 70%. Tefen’s new solenoid manifold offers fast, easy & flexible solution. For more info contuct us at:  https://tefentech.c

Energy Savings and Sustainability with DryGair Dehumidifiers

  DryGair  Energies Ltd. was established in 2010 to design, develop and market an efficient and environmentally friendly dehumidification solution for horticultural projects. Since then, DryGair has been leading the horticulture humidity control market, specializing in dehumidification and humidity monitoring. The DryGair system  was developed by Dr. Avraham Arbel at Israel’s Volcani Institute. It was created to address several needs commercial growers everywhere share – reliable and effective humidity control, organic disease prevention, and reducing energy requirements. It’s a solution that helps growers improve their cultivation, products, and business while improving their environmental footprint. Saving Energy and Improving Sustainability in Horticulture Energy is a burning issue in today’s horticulture industry. With energy prices rising and fluctuating, growers everywhere are struggling to remain profitable. This also led many commercial growers to seek new ways to improve effic

Some Companies Get your Fish Farm Project Going – But Who Defines its Profitability?

  After decades of global deployment, pond fish farming has prevailed, and yet, today, countless projects and multiple locations are at a standstill, resulting in slower than anticipated Return on Investment. To meet the surge in demand for fish, and fast-growing populations in need of proteins, these projects must deliver shorter ROI. The need to intensify grow-out, and enhance the use of existing land resources and water supplies, have resulted in the critical need to integrate Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) as a preliminary stage when introducing fish into the ponds. During this initial stage, fish can grow out in a fully-controlled environment, yielding the introduction of stronger, healthier fish to the ponds, intensification of fish in the ponds, and a total greater annual harvest. The future is intensification – producing more fish per unit of area and water, supported by sustainable, cost-effective technologies. With the limited availability of land and water, intensif

Precision agriculture technology from CropX launches from Israel to the world

  Media Contact: Hanna Day-Woodruff, communications Specialist, What does a large dairy cooperative in New Zealand, Mexican potato farmers who grow for PepsiCo, a global irrigation manufacturer based in the U.S.A., banana growers in Ecuador, and a potato starch processor in the Netherlands have in common? They are a part of a growing community that uses products from Netanya-based CropX Technologies to precisely and confidently manage the agronomic activities on farms. “CropX is mastering the insights of the soil and sky to help farmers everywhere save – water, energy, labor, chemicals, and stress,” says Tomer Tzach, CEO of CropX Technologies. The Israeli headquarters now manages a global team of 80 employees with offices in the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. This global team has brought CropX solutions to over 10,000 farms with use on over 75 crop types, and strategic collaboration with organizations such as John Deere, Reinke Manufactu

Bee-less Honey is making its way to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

  Bee-io Honey is merging with BH Whitestone Group; Whitestone's shareholders approved the merger yesterday Israeli food-tech company  Bee-io Honey , that develops technologies for the production of cultured honey, joins the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The shareholders of the shell company, Whitestone Group, approved the merger deal last night (Monday), at a value of 38 million NIS to Bee-io Honey. Bee-io Honey shareholders will be allotted 55% of the merged company’s share capital, with the option to increase their holdings by an additional 20% upon completion of predetermined set milestones. Bee-io Honey  develops an industrial process for the production of cultured honey, under laboratory conditions, using natural nectar. Currently, the company is focusing on the development of an ‘artificial bee stomach’, which mimics the enzymatic activity and the specific conditions and processes that occur in the bee’s stomach naturally. In addition, Bee-io Honey is working on technologies to p